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The OR-PARTNERS team is passionate about helping sexual minority couples improve their lives and feel empowered. Our goal is to help LGBTQ+ couples that are struggling with their relationships find free or low-cost tools to improve their communication and strengthen their relationships.

The team is led by Kate Nowlan, a queer Clinical Psychology trainee in the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami.

OR-PARTNERS Program Coaches

Kate Nowlan. M.S.

Lead Investigator, Lead Program Coach

Kate is the lead investigator of the OR-PARTNERS Program and headed the program’s adaptation from the OurRelationship Program. She is in her final year at the University of Miami’s Clinical Psychology Graduate Program. Kate recently completed her year-long clinical internship at the Atlanta VA Medical Center where she worked with veterans presenting to treatment with diversity-related issues (e.g., minority stress, history of discrimination, LGBTQIA issues, etc.) and trauma histories. She previously served as an OurRelationship Program relationship coach for four years, two of which she served as a lead coach supervisor. Kate’s research is focused on developing culturally-sensitive and low-cost online programs for LGBTQ+ and low-income couples. She hopes to work long-term as a clinician providing culturally-sensitive, evidence-based treatments to underserved populations. Kate is passionate about serving her LGBTQ+ community in both her work and personal life. In her spare time, she sings in the Atlanta Women’s Chorus, a LGBTQ+ friendly volunteer chorus and sister choir of the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus.

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“Our coaches are professionally trained and devoted to providing inclusive and affirming care to members of the LGBTQ community.”


Gabe Hatch, B.S.

OR-PARTNERS Program Coach

Gabe is a second year graduate student in the Adult Clinical Psychology division of the University of Miami. Gabe received his B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Statistics from Brigham Young University in 2018. Gabe’s research interests include the dissemination and implementation of low-cost and light-touch interventions for couples and investigating the minimum effective dose for relationship interventions. Additionally, Gabe has broad interests in human sexuality including the measurement of pornography consumption, investigating the motivations and etiology of pornography consumption, and sex outcomes for relationship interventions. Gabe also explores varying methods for reporting data analyses including Bayesian estimation, variable selection, and machine learning. Gabe has worked as a relationship coach with the OurRelationship program for the past year.

OurRelationship Program Developers

The OurRelationship Program (the program from which OR-PARTNERS was adapted) was developed by two experts in the couples therapy field who have focused their careers on developing effective, accessible treatments for couples.

Dr. Andy Christensen

Distinguished Professor of Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Dr. Brian Doss

Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Miami

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