What is the OR-PARTNERS Program?

The OR-PARTNERS Program is an online relationship program for LGBTQ+ couples. It was adapted from the OurRelationship Program, a research program shown to help couples improve their relationship satisfaction and communication.

OR-PARTNERS takes only 7-8 hours to complete and is meant to be completed over a two-month period. The program is being offered as part of a research study out of the University of Miami.

It is offered at NO COST to eligible couples.

What’s Involved in the Program?

Affordable Online Relationship Help

If you and your partner participate, you will complete online activities focused on helping you:
ο   Better understand and solve relationship issues
ο   Develop important communication skills
ο   Learn to reconnect and trust each other

The online activities can be completed on a computer, tablet, or phone, from the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule. As the program is being offered as part of a research study, it is available at NO COST to eligible couples.

Culturally-Sensitive Content

LGBTQ+ couples seek relationship help for various reasons. As such, OR-PARTNERS allows couples to focus on the issues most relevant to them. You and your partner can work together to address any number of relationship concerns (e.g., poor communication, lack of family support for your LGBTQ+ relationship, lack of emotional or physical intimacy, broken sexual agreements, etc.) Other examples of culturally- tailored content include use of gender neutral stick figures, inclusive language (e.g., partner/spouse vs. husband and wife), and representation of LGBTQ+ couples in program material.

Calls with Experienced Relationship Coaches

Throughout the program, you and your partner will have regular calls with a LGBTQ+ affirming relationship coach – daytime, evening, and weekend times are available.

Our coaches are professionally trained and have experience working with culturally-diverse couples. Moreover, they are passionate about providing tailored and affirming services to members of the LGBTQ community .

Meet Our Coaches

Designed with LGBTQ+ Couples in Mind

The OR-PARTNERS treatment team embraces a positive view of LGBTQ+ individuals, their relationships, and their families, and acknowledges the negative influence of heterosexism and discrimination on the lives and relationships of LGBTQ+ clients. We believe that ALL couples should have access to services that are affirming and sensitive to their needs. As such, OR-PARTNERS was designed with the goal to increase LGBTQ+ couples’ access to inclusive and supportive couples services.

For more information about OR-PARTNERS and the research involved, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

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